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1. Who do I call to report problems with a traffic signal?
2. What do I need to do to request additional signs or a traffic signal be installed?
3. Can we add speed bumps to residential streets?
4. Can we request the speed limit be changed in a residential area?
5. How do I request that a traffic study be conducted in my area?
6. How do I request a road closure for a special event?
7. Who controls the timing for signals in Arapahoe County?
8. Who determines the timing on a school flasher?
9. Who do I contact if a school flasher is malfunctioning?
10. How do I report a problem with work done in my neighborhood by a contractor or Road & Bridge?
11. How do I view or obtain copies of the film for a camera at an intersection?
12. How do I get Traffic Accident history at specific intersections?