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Request for a County Commissioner to attend an event

  1. Interested in having an Arapahoe County Commissioner speak at your event? Please use this form to request a Commissioner appearance. Please note that because of the large volume of requests and due to busy schedules, we cannot always guarantee that a Commissioner will be available. We will follow-up within three business days after receiving this form to discuss options.
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  6. Date of event MUST be at least one week in advance with the understanding all requests might not be accommodated
  7. Is this date fixed or is it flexible?*
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  9. Who would you like to attend:*
  10. Will they need to speak at this event?*
  11. Desired length of time to make remarks:*
    If more than one Commissioner is requested to attend and speak, please use the other box to describe time needed per Commissioner
  12. Do you anticipate media attendance or coverage?
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