How is the value determined on my property?

Values are most often determined by comparing your property with properties that are similar in location, design, size, age and amenities. The value placed on your property for the year 2023 was based on sales between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2022, utilizing the Sales Comparison Approach. A copy of this method for your residential property is available from our office and will be included in your Notice of Value.

Compsheet Layout and Time Adjusted Sales Prices

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1. How is the value determined on my property?
2. How often is property revalued?
3. What is the difference between actual value and assessed value?
4. How are property taxes calculated?
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6. Who sets the mill levy?
7. Can you appeal your property taxes to the Assessor?
8. If I do not agree with the actual value, what steps should I take?
9. I’m not sure if I should appeal or not. How can I find out the sales prices of the properties in my neighborhood for the 24-month period prior to June 30, 2022?
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