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Kiowa Creek North Open Space

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  1. This property is not currently open to the public

This property is not currently open to the public and is being used for cattle grazing.

The Kiowa Creek North Open Space Master Plan was approved in 2022. We are in the process of refining the design plans to develop the property for public recreation with minimal impact on creek corridor. Visit the project web page for more information.

Kiowa Creek North is being preserved for its excellent views, wildlife habitat and future opportunities for public recreational access. Once open, visitors may find wildflowers in full bloom, mule deer grazing or a small herd of pronghorn antelope running through the shortgrass prairies.

The land gradually slopes into a riparian area and intermittent stream, and just beyond, a mature cottonwood gallery serves as home for various songbirds, turkey, and red-tailed hawks. A visitor might even find a porcupine in a tree against the dramatic Rocky Mountain backdrop.

Future site plans include a variety of public uses, such as hiking, wildlife viewing and trail rides, along with a picnic shelter and neighborhood trail connections to surrounding communities.