What do I need to make a correction on my child’s birth certificate?

If the child is younger than 1 year

To request a correction or make a change to a birth certificate, you must submit the following through the State Vital Records Office:

  • Completed Birth Certificate Correctiom Form. 
  • Copy of your identification.
  • Documentary evidence of the change or correction as outlined on page 2 of the correction form. 
  • Non-refundable processing fees of $20.

The State Vital Records Office is by appointment only and for any in-person birth corrections/changes you will need to schedule an appointment.

If the child is older than 1 year

To change the given name on a birth certificate of a person older than 1 year, contact your local county court to obtain a certified copy of a legal name change order before submitting the birth certificate correction form. The legal name change form can be downloaded from the Colorado State Judicial Branch, and submit the following: 

Acknowledgement of Parentage information

To add a father/second parent to a birth certificate where a father/second parent is not currently listed, complete and submit the Voluntary Acknowledgement of Parentage form to the state office. 

Download the acknowledgement of parentage form and submit it to the State Vital Records Office whether that is in-person, by mail, or by email (State requires all original court documents and will not accept emailed court documents). 

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