Who can request a juvenile record and under what circumstances?
  1. The juvenile and the juvenile’s parent, guardian, legal custodian, or attorney. 
  2. Other law enforcement agencies and fire investigators who have a legitimate need for such information; 
  3. CBI for purpose of conducting a criminal background check relating to authorization of a firearm purchase; 
  4. The victim or complaining party in cases pending trial after written approval from the DA’s Office; 
  5. When the juvenile has escaped from an institution to which such juvenile has been committed; 
  6. When the court orders that the juvenile be tried as an adult criminal; 
  7. When there has been an adult criminal conviction and a pre-sentence investigation has been ordered by the court; 
  8. By order of the court; 
  9. A court which has jurisdiction over a juvenile or domestic action in which the juvenile is named; 
  10. Any attorney of record in a juvenile or domestic action in which the juvenile is named; 
  11. The State Department of Human Services; 
  12. Any person conducting a custody evaluation pursuant to section; 
  13. All members of a child protection team; 
  14. The juvenile’s guardian ad litem; 
  15. Any person or agency for research purposes, if all of the following conditions are met: 
    • 15a. The person or agency conducting such research is employed by the State of Colorado or is under contract with the State of Colorado and is authorized by the Department of Human Services to conduct such research; and 
    • 15b. The person or agency conducting the research ensures that all documents containing identifying information are maintained in secure locations and access to such documents by unauthorized persons is prohibited; that no identifying information is included in documents generated from the research conducted; and that all identifying information is deleted from documents used in the research when the research is completed. <82.1.2.b.c> 
  16. The principal of a school, or designee, in which juvenile is or shall be enrolled as a student and, if the student is or shall be enrolled in a public school, to the superintendent of the school district in which the student is or shall be enrolled, or to his designee; 
  17. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation: fingerprints, photograph, name, address and other identifying information regarding a juvenile to assist in any apprehension or identification. <82.1.2.b>

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