What do the codes mean on the parcel report?
B&SBargain and Sale
CDCommissioners Deed
CHNChange of Name
CONSConservators Deed
CTORCourt Order
DCTFDeath Certificate
DeedInLieuDeed in Lieu Foreclosure
EXECExecutors Deed
FullCovFull Covenent Warranty Deed
GRTGrant Deed
GWARGeneral Warranty Deed
LTRSLetter or Letters
MINMineral Deed
MVTAMotor Home Verification of Title
PREPPersonal Representative Deed
PTDPublic Trustee Deed
QCQuit Claim
QCDQuit Claim Deed
QCJTQuit Claim Deed - Joint Tenancy
SDSheriff's Deed
SHERSheriff's Deed
SpecDeedSpecial Warranty Deed
STAStatutory Deed
SWARSpecial Warranty Deed
SWJTSpecial Warranty Deed - Joint Tenancy
TREATreasurers Deed
TRUSTrustees Deed
WARRWarranty Deed
WDWarranty Deed
WJTWarranty Deed - Joint Tenancy

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12. What do the codes mean on the parcel report?