What is fracking and how can I learn more?

Hydraulic fracturing or fracking has been used by the oil and gas industry since the 1940s. The Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, managed by the State of Colorado, is a great resource for detailed information about fracking, why it’s done, how it’s regulated and more. Visit the following links to learn more: Animation of Hydraulic Fracturing

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1. What is fracking and how can I learn more?
2. Can Arapahoe County prohibit drilling or fracking within the County?
3. How do I know if I own the mineral rights on my land?
4. Are there any public documents I could obtain that relate to my property?
5. What's the difference between state and local control/regulations?
6. How do I comment on active well permit applications?
7. How do I address concerns about well water quality?
8. Can a horizontal well go under my neighborhood?
9. What is a setback?