My property taxes are paid by my mortgage company. What should I know?
-Colorado law was changed in 2010, allowing for electronic notification of taxes due. At that time, Arapahoe County discontinued mailing property tax statements to property owners whose taxes were paid by a lender UNLESS the property owner notified us, requesting that we mail their tax statement to them. We send out an e-mail notice when tax statements are available for viewing, as well as when due dates are approaching. You can sign up for e-mail notification of property tax statements at the link below.
-When you pay off your mortgage, if you wish to receive a paper copy of your tax statement, please contact us by e-mail at or by phone at 303-795-4550, so our records can be updated.
-Your mortgage company should request payment information directly from this office. FAILURE TO RECEIVE A TAX STATEMENT DOES NOT RELIEVE THE OWNER'S RESPONSIBILITY OR LIABILITY FOR PAYING TAXES ON TIME. Payments from mortgage companies are received in several different ways. Some mortgage companies use a tax service for processing tax payments. The tax service processes multiple mortgage companies, and taxes are remitted via multiple parcel payment file. Others send an individual file, or remit with a payment coupon(s) that you may have forwarded or they requested directly from this office. Any refunds after processing the tax payments are made to the mortgage company.

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