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Kathleen Conti, District 1
Nancy Sharpe, Chair, District 2
Jeff Baker, District 3
Nancy Jackson, District 4
Bill Holen, Chair Pro Tem, District 5

Study Session
February 10, 2020

The Arapahoe County Board of County Commissioners typically holds weekly Study Sessions on Monday and Tuesday. Study Sessions (except for Executive Sessions) are open to the public and items for discussion are included on this agenda. Agendas (except for Executive Sessions agendas) are available through the Commissioners’ Office or through the County’s web site at Please note that the Board may discuss any topic relevant to County business, whether or not the topic has been specifically noticed on this agenda. In particular, the Board typically schedules time each Monday under “Committee Updates” to discuss a wide range of topics. In addition, the Board may alter the times of the meetings throughout the day, or cancel or reschedule noticed meetings. Questions about this agenda? Contact the Commissioners’ Office at 303-795-4630 or by e-mail at


Study Session Topics


Calendar Updates (WHR)

BoCC Administrative Support Supervisor

BOCC Updates (WHR)

Board of County Commissioners



*Lobbyist Lunch (WHR)

Board of County Commissioners
Ron Carl, County Attorney
Greg Romberg, Lobbyist

Administrative Meeting - Director Goal Setting (WHR)

David Bessen, Director, Information Technology
Dusty Sash, Total Compensation Manager, Human Resources

*4th Quarter Budget Review (WHR)

Review of the fiscal status of the major operating funds of the County as the 4th Quarter of 2018 as well as review supplemental appropriation requests for the 2018 and 2019 budget years

Request: Information/Direction

Todd Weaver, Budget Manager, Finance
John Christofferson, Deputy County Attorney
  1. Q4 2019 SS BSR.pdf

*Drop In (WHR)

Board of County Commissioners

2020 Census Update

Update from the Internal Census Committee on current and upcoming activities associated with Arapahoe County's 2020 Census planning efforts

Request: Information/Direction

Michelle Halstead, Director, Communication and Administration Services
Chris Henning, Communication Manager, Communication Services
Nancy Sonnenfeld, Census Coordinator, Communication Services
Jessica Gapuzan, Performance Management Analyst, Human Services
Larry Mugler, Planner, Public Works and Development
Linda Haley, Community Housing and Development Manager, Community Resources
John Christofferson, Deputy County Attorney

2020 Arapahoe County Fair Preview

Update on 2020 Arapahoe County Fair logistics

Request: Information/Direction

Matt Bixenman, Fairgrounds Operations Supervisor, Open Spaces
Shannon Carter, Intergovernmental Relations and Open Spaces Director
Todd Weaver, Budget Manager, Finance
Tiffanie Bleau, Senior Assistant County Attorney


2020 Memorandum of Understanding between Arapahoe County and the 18th Judicial District Probation Department

Discussion of a request for approval from the Board of county Commissioners to continue providing services to the 18th Judicial District Probation Department associated with the Judicial House Arrest Program

Request: Information/Direction

Olga Fujaros, Sheriff's Finance Manager, Sheriff's Office
Vince Line, Detention Services Bureau Chief, Sheriff's Office
Tyler Brown, Sheriff
Todd Weaver, Budget Manager, Finance
Tiffanie Bleau, Senior Assistant County Attorney


*Executive Session (WHR)

Executive Study Session and County Attorney Administrative Meeting [Section 24-6-402(4)(b)C.R.S.](As required by law, specific agenda topics will be announced in open meeting prior to the commencement of the closed and confidential portion of this session) (WHR)

Ron Carl, County Attorney

* To be recorded as required by law

WHR - West Hearing Room

Arapahoe County is committed to making its public meetings accessible to persons with disabilities.
Assisted listening devices are available. Ask any staff member and we will provide one for you.
If you need special accommodations, contact the Commissioners’ Office at 303-795-4630 or Relay Colorado 711.
Please contact our office at least 3 days in advance to make arrangements.