Veteran/Burial Assistance

Burial Fund Assistance

If your friend or loved one was a veteran, there may be burial funds available. Please contact Decedent Affairs with Veterans Affairs (VA) at 303-399-8020, ext. 2311 or the Veteran’s Regional Office at 303-914-5990.

If you or the decedent does not have sufficient funds for burial, the next of kin may apply for county disposition through the Arapahoe County Human Services Office by calling 303-636-1591.

Right to Control Disposition

Per Colorado State Statute 15-19-106 the right to dispose of remains or unclaimed bodies, a person with the right to control disposition of the last remains are in the following order:
  1. The decedent if acting through a declaration (i.e. a will or an estate).
  2. The surviving spouse of the decedent, if not legally separated from the decedent.
  3. A majority of the surviving adult children of the decedent.
  4. A majority of the surviving parents or legal guardians of the decedent.
  5. A majority of the surviving adult siblings of the decedent.
  6. Any person who is willing to assume legal and financial responsibility for the final disposition of the decedent’s last remains.
Disputes among the persons listed shall be resolved by the probate court.

Failure of Next of Kin to Make Final Arrangements

The Arapahoe County Coroner’s Office will do everything reasonable to determine and notify next of kin. However, if every effort is exhausted or if the person determined to be next of kin has failed to make or appoint another person to make final arrangements for the disposition of the decedent within five days after receiving notice of the decedent’s death or within 10 days after the decedent’s death, whichever is earlier our office will contact the Department of Social Services or the public administrator if the decedent has an estate.