Precinct Substations

Patrol deputies work a 10-hour shift, four days per week. The shift times are as follows:

  • Day Shift: 0600 to 1600 hours
  • Swing Shift A: 1400 to 2400 hours Sunday through Wednesday
  • Swing Shift B: 1500 to 0100 hours Wednesday through Saturday
  • Midnight Shift: 2100 to 0700 hours


Deputies are assigned to work in specific geographic areas throughout unincorporated Arapahoe County and the City of Centennial. This geographic deployment of deputies insures response times to calls for service are kept to a minimum. The total number of deputies assigned to specific precincts is determined by the on-duty watch commander and is based on a specific shift, call load, and any special situations that are anticipated.

Patrol precincts are numbered 1 to 8, with precinct 1 being in the westernmost area (Littleton) and precinct 8 consisting of all areas east of Gun Club Road.


In addition to the Sheriff’s Office headquarters building, three substations or off-site facilities are used to aid in the rapid deployment of resources. Currently, substations are located in Precincts one, five, and eight. The Byers substation in Precinct 8 is staffed during normal business hours Monday through Friday and available for residents to report non-emergency crimes.