Task Forces

The Sheriff’s Office participates in several task forces within Arapahoe County as well as state and national task forces.

Front Range Task Force

The Front Range Task Force was developed to combat and attempt to control mid to high level drug trafficking organizations at the regional, state and national level.

Joint Terrorism Task Force

The Joint Terrorism Task Force was developed at the national level in an attempt to fight and apprehend those responsible for terrorist’s attacks on the United States and to avert any possible attack on the United States.

Metro Gang Task Force

The Metro Gang Task Force was developed to coordinate local, state and federal resources to conduct long-term, complex investigations of violent, gang related drug trafficking organizations.

Rocky Mountain Safe Streets Task Force

The Rocky Mountain Safe Streets Task Force consists of local, state and federal personnel with the mission to jointly investigate, apprehend and prosecute the most violent criminal offenders/enterprises operating in the Denver metropolitan/Front Range area.

CATPA Metro Auto Theft Task Force

The CATPA Metro Auto Theft Task Force is a multi-agency team focused on the reduction of auto theft and related crimes through a combination of enforcement, education and partnerships with businesses and the community.