Investigation Services

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    Crime Stoppers
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Investigation Services is managed by Captain Travis Stewart who is responsible for the operational activities of the Investigation Services Section. Investigators are guided by the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office mission to provide quality service with an emphasis on integrity, professionalism and community spirit. The goal of Investigation Services is to identify suspects, apprehend criminals, collect evidence, provide comprehensive victim services, and to protect the public. 


Investigators are assigned to either persons or property crimes where they manage follow-up investigations on a variety of crimes within their designated discipline. Due to the complex nature of some types of crimes, "investigative specialists" have been determined to be necessary in our efforts to provide effective investigative services. As a result we have investigators assigned to specific areas such as crimes against children, juvenile offenders, and financial and computer crimes. 

Other Responsibilities

Members of Investigation Services are also assigned to participate with regional, state, and federal task forces that combat terrorism, illegal use of drugs, auto theft, fugitives from justice and computer forensics. Although assigned to differing areas of responsibility, all investigators work together as a single unit, following the principles of incident command when a major crime occurs (such as a homicide) to produce the most effective and professional resolution. The first 24 hours are imperative to a successful management of a major case.