Environmental Crimes

Hazmat TruckThe Environment Crimes Unit (ECU) consists of two investigators. ECU members handle hazardous materials related to investigation and fire code enforcement actions. They monitor hazardous materials and conduct investigations into violations of law as they pertain to the improper handling, use and storage of chemicals, which can cause a threat to the safety of the community. Arson investigations are conducted for many Arapahoe County fire agencies.

Hazardous Materials

ECU members also manage the Arapahoe/ Douglas County Hazardous Materials Response Team. This includes hazardous materials response within most Arapahoe and Douglas County fire districts.


Deer Trail FireData is also compiled by the ECU regarding a federal law requiring businesses to report all chemicals on site. Called SARA Title III, this law is intended to provide emergency agencies with adequate information to plan for response, and assists in determining necessary safety procedures to be implemented at businesses.

In addition to the responsibilities listed above, ECU investigators help supervise the Wildland Fire Team and assist with administration of Emergency Management duties.