Delinquent Taxes and Tax Lien Sale

Beginning in early to mid-October, this year’s Tax Lien Sale Files will be available to view.

For Property Owners

The online sale of Arapahoe County delinquent tax liens will be held in November.

Please note that delinquent real estate tax payments must be received in the Treasurer's Office by Noon MST the day prior to commencement of bidding and will not be accepted after that time without redemption interest. Cleared funds (cash, cashier’s check, certified check, or money order) are required for tax payments made after September 30.

For Tax Lien Buyers (Bidders)

The 2020 Tax Lien Sale will be held in November. The specific dates of the sale and opening of the sale site for deposits are not yet determined. Please check back for updates.

View Tax Sale Information for detailed instructions on how the online tax lien sale works.

The Tax Lien Sale Site will be open for registration, research and deposits in October. Liens will be set up in batches to manage the number of liens more efficiently.

Please note that the amount due of any parcels with an unpaid current installment of an amortized special assessment will change if the installment remains unpaid when bidding begins. All future installments will be brought forward and become due at that time.