Block Party / Street Closure Permit

Before submitting a request:

Read the procedures document.

Email your request to:

Traffic Operations

Subject: Block Party/Street Closure Permit 

For more information, call 720-874-6500


Closure requests must be received no less than two weeks prior to the event. In the letter, please state the location of the block party or event, the number of hours the street will be closed, the purpose of the closure and a map of the area to be blocked off. Also, please include your mailing address, email address, phone number and fax number if you prefer to be notified by fax.

Although a permit and fee are not required, the applicant is ultimately responsible for contacting a certified barricade company to properly block off the street(s) and adhere to other conditions as required by the county.

Block party and street closures take a minimum of 10 working days to process. The applicant will be notified by mail, fax or email of the conditions for closure.

City of Centennial Block Party Permits:

Block party permits within the City of Centennial need to be submitted to the City. For more information you may contact them at 303-325-8000.