Plowing Priority System

The purpose of the Arapahoe County Snow Plowing Priority System is to provide the safest possible County roadway system and access routes for the motoring public, public schools, fire, sheriff, emergency aid vehicles, the citizens of Arapahoe County and surrounding communities. Understanding the policy cannot eliminate all the impacts or effects of a snow and/or ice emergency.

The system is intended to communicate Arapahoe County’s preliminary coordination efforts to reduce the threat to public safety from a snow and ice emergency. During inclement weather, the Arapahoe County Road and Bridge Department will make every effort to maintain the traffic flow on County Roadways as close to normal driving condition as possible.

  • Priority One: Major arterials (generally the one-mile grid streets) and access to emergency services (fire stations, medical facilities, etc.) are included in this category.
  • Priority Two: Minor arterials, major collector streets and access to school, business areas, grocery stores and service stations are included in this category.
  • Non-Priority: These are local residential streets and other streets not specifically identified in the priority system. Except for emergency situations, or extreme snow conditions, equipment will not be diverted to non-priority streets due to budgetary and manpower restrictions. Additional priorities are established for salt needs at hazardous locations: hills, intersections, etc.

Under unusually severe storm conditions, it may be necessary to temporarily postpone Priority Two operations in order to clear Priority One streets. Should this happen, snow removal will continue round-the-clock until all priority streets are open to traffic.

The Board of County Commissioners can restrict the type of vehicles that may be operated on county roads during severe weather conditions. If the roads are considered unsafe for travel, they may order that certain roads be closed. Every effort will be made to alert the public of any restrictions / closures through the news media and through the County's website.