Release Requirements


How to Request the Release of a Deed of Trust

The current holder of the debt (lender, title company or private party) must submit the Request to Release a Deed of Trust to the Public Trustee in the county where the property is located, even if the Deed of Trust names a different Public Trustee. The Public Trustee inspects the request and accompanying documents for accuracy and completeness, then signs and executes the release form and submits it to the County Clerk and Recorder for recording. 

Please enclose a large stamped, addressed envelope in which to return original documents.

Please note: A Request for Release of a Deed of Trust may be rejected for failing to provide correct information. All Documents and any payment will be returned to the sender for correction and re-submittal.

Required Documents

  1. Original Evidence of Debt

Original Evidence of Debt secured by the Deed of Trust generally means a Promissory Note that includes the principal amount and date of the loan, borrower’s name(s) and property address. Evidence of Debt may also be a bail bond or other surety instrument.

2. Recorded Deed of Trust

Any request for release of a Deed of Trust must include the recorded Deed of Trust--either the original or a copy. The County Clerk and Recorder’s recording information must be legible and the entire Deed of Trust must be submitted. Copies may be purchased online from the Clerk and Recorder’s Legal Document Search or in person at the Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder’s Office in the County Administration Building, 5334 S. Prince Street, Littleton, CO 80120. For more information, please call 303-795-4200.

3. Release Request Form

The Request for Release form must be accurate and complete.  The information on the form must match the information on the Deed of Trust.  At the top of the form, indicate whether the request is for a Full or Partial release. The form must be signed by the current holder of the debt (or their agent) and must be notarized.

Enclose a large stamped, addressed envelope in which to return original documents.

Please use one of the Request Forms available on our website.

A. Request WITH Evidence of Debt

A Request for Release of Deed of Trust form WITH Evidence of Debt must include the original Promissory Note (Evidence of Debt), along with the original or copy of the Deed of Trust.

A non-Qualified Holder, private individual or other lender who cannot produce the original Evidence of Debt must submit a Lost Instrument Surety Bond in the amount of 1.5 times the original principal balance.

Call the Public Trustee’s Office for details.  303-730-0071. 

Request Form for Release of Deed of Trust WITH Evidence of Debt

B. Request WITHOUT Evidence of Debt

Only Qualified Holders,(usually a financial institution) or a title company may request the release of a Deed of Trust without producing the original evidence of debt. A Qualified Holder or title company submitting a request WITHOUT Evidence of Debt must indicate they meet the requirements as defined in C.R.S. §38-38-100.  The original or a copy of the Deed of Trust must be enclosed.

Request Form for Release of Deed of Trust WITHOUT Evidence of Debt

4. Fees.

Each Release request must include a payment of $28.00 to the Arapahoe County Public Trustee to execute and record a one-page release form. Include an additional $5.00 for each additional page to be recorded (e.g., attached Notaries, separate legal descriptions, affidavits, etc.). We accept cash or check only, no bills larger than $20.

Submitting Your Request

By Mail or Courier. Certified Mail, FedEx, UPS or Courier delivery is recommended to ensure receipt of the documents by the Public Trustee. Enclose a large stamped, addressed envelope in which to return original documents.

In Person.  A Request for Release of a Deed of Trust may be delivered to the Public Trustee’s office for processing. Our office is located at 1610 West Littleton Blvd., Suite 150, Littleton, Colorado 80120. 

Please note: The Arapahoe County Public Trustee's Office is open by appointment only until further notice. Please call our office at 303.730.0071 to schedule a time to drop off documents in person. Walk-ins are not accepted at this time.

Inquiries about Status of Releases

For inquiries on the status of any release, please use the Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder's Legal Document Search or contact your mortgage lender. 

The time lapse between a homeowner's payoff and the lender submitting the request for release may be several months, pursuant to Colorado law. The Public Trustee's Office processes thousands of releases each month. Except for requests we receive in person, we process requests in the order they are received in the Public Trustee’s Office, generally within 10 days.

Contact us:  If you have any questions, please call the Arapahoe County Public Trustee’s Office at 303-730-0071.