Redemption Process

edemption Policy

Property owners do not have the right to redeem after the foreclosure sale.
 Instead, they have the right to cure prior to the sale.

Junior Lienors may file an Intent to Redeem only on liens that were recorded prior to the filing of the Notice of Election & Demand, and that meet the statutory redemption requirements to the satisfaction of the Public Trustee:

(1) a deed of trust or other lien created or recognized by state or federal statute or by judgment of a court of competent jurisdiction; and

(2) a lien that is subordinate to the deed of trust or lien being foreclosed; and

(3) appears by instrument(s) duly recorded in the county named in the lien or deed of trust.

All Intents to Redeem must be filed with the Public Trustee by the 8th business day following the foreclosure sale.

For more information, consult our 2016 Redemption Policy

Redemption Process

Junior Lienor Intent to Redeem

The Intent to Redeem is a two-page form.  The first page is the Notice of Intent to Redeem.  The second page is the Statement of Redemption Amount.  

Intent to Redeem Form

  • The top section of the Intent to Redeem form is for the Foreclosure File number, the county and the sale date.
  • The next section is information pertaining to the lienor and the lien. It includes information about re-recording a lien that was recorded in the incorrect county.
  • The bottom section is for the lienor's contact information, signature and Notary signature and seal.

Statement of Redemption Amount :

  • The Statement of Redemption Amount must include the principal, interest and late charges due under the Junior Lien
  • Other fees and costs
  • Per Diem interest accruing through the 19th day after sale (and continuing to accrue if there are multiple redemption periods)
  • Junior Lienor name, address, telephone, email and fax
  • This affidavit must be signed and notarized.
  • Certified copies of recorded lien assignments must also be attached if any.
  • The intent must be filed within 8 business days after the sale
  • $50.00 filing fee per intent
  • The Public Trustee will set the order of redemption by lien filing date of the junior liens submitted, with each successive intent extending the redemption period by 5 days.

Homeowner Association (HOA) Intent to Redeem

Intent to Redeem form

In addition to the $50 filing fee and items listed above, the HOA Intent to Redeem must include:

    • Certified copy of recorded notice of lien and Recorded Declarations.
    • Ledger of fees
    • Certified copy of recorded assignment of lien, if applicable
    • Notarized affidavit from the HOA officer or their attorney stating the amount that is super lien vs. junior lien.

Redemption Statement

Upon receiving a valid Intent to Redeem   from a junior lienor, the Public Trustee will request a signed and notarized  Redemption Statement  from the holder of the Certificate of Purchase.  The Redemption Statement must comply with C.R.S. § 38-38-302 and must be filed with the Public Trustee within 13 days after the sale. If not timely filed, the Public Trustee will calculate the amount necessary to redeem.