Grant and Shareback Program

The Open Spaces Department oversees funds generated by the Open Space sales and use tax for the development and enhancement of local parks, trails and open spaces.

Grant Program

Since 2005, Arapahoe County Open Spaces has distributed more than $36 million in grants in support of 206 open space, park, and trail projects throughout the County. Grants support projects such as:
  • Land acquisition for open space, parks and trails
  • Construction/renovation of trails, trail crossings and trailheads
  • Park construction/site improvement projects
  • Environmental and cultural education/interpretation
  • Planning projects
To learn more view the Grants Program page.


Arapahoe County has the largest shareback program in the State of Colorado. Fifty percent of Open Space Sales and Use Tax revenue is distributed to participating cities and towns within the County based on population. In 2017, the County distributed more than $13 million through the Shareback Program thanks to Arapahoe County taxpayers. Shareback funds are provided to 12 cities and towns in support of open space, parks, and trail systems for all citizens to enjoy.