Canal Collaborative

HLC Working Group 2.jpgThe Canal Collaborative (formerly the High Line Canal Working Group) brings together the Canal's regional partners to do more for the Canal together than any one entity can do alone. The Canal Collaborative, which includes leaders from Denver Water, local governments, stormwater managers and the High Line Canal Conservancy, will ensure this treasured resource is preserved, protected and enhanced as a regional legacy for future generations.  


In 2019, Arapahoe County and its partners in the High Line Canal Working Group completed The Plan for the High Line Canal under leadership of the High Line Canal Conservancy. The Plan identifies a number of opportunities to improve trail users’ safety and experiences, add new amenities along the trail, address environmental health along the corridor, repurpose the former irrigation ditch to collect stormwater, and more.

Implementation of the plan’s recommendations is underway, including plans to install uniform wayfinding signage along the length of the trail and develop a small interactive play area along the trail in Aurora’s Laredo Highline neighborhood. 

Learn more about the recent High Line Canal accomplishments and current projects along the trail.

About the High Line Canal Trail

The High Line Canal Trail is one of the longest urban trails in the country. It meanders for 71 miles through the Denver metro area across 11 jurisdictions, 6 of which are served by Arapahoe County. More than 350,000 residents live within one mile of the Canal, and more than 500,000 people use the trail each year.