Colorado Works Program

The Colorado Works program provides temporary financial and employment support to low-income families. Assistance and services provided may include child care, cash payments, transportation, counseling and other services.

Families with minor children can receive Colorado Works for a total of 60 months over a lifetime. In general, adult recipients are expected to become self-sufficient within this timeframe.

If you apply for Colorado Works, you are also applying for food assistance and Medicaid, as well as child support services if applicable.

Program Requirements

Colorado Works requires all applicants to seek employment and be involved in a work activity from the day they apply for benefits. If approved, you must participate in a work-related activity, such as:

  • Approved education programs or job skills training
  • Volunteer work or community service
  • Job readiness and job search
  • Full and part-time employment
  • If you are a minor parent, you must attend high school or a GED program and live with your parents or another approved adult

Child care assistance and other supportive services are available while you prepare for or look for a job.

How to Apply