Report Benefits Fraud

Please complete our Fraud Report Form or call our fraud hotline at 303-636-1835 if you suspect that someone you know is falsifying information to qualify for assistance benefits or committing fraud in the use of benefits from a Human Services program.

Information Needed

Please be prepared to provide as many details as possible:

  • The full name of the person you are reporting
  • Their date of birth or approximate age
  • Their address
  • Their social security number if known
  • The names and ages of their children
  • What type of fraud is being committed

You have the option to remain anonymous, but leaving your name and phone number may help with the investigation. We may need to follow up with you on any details that remain unclear.

Client Confidentiality Regulations

Due to regulations regarding client confidentiality, we will be unable to release any information about the status of investigation to anyone. You will only be contacted if further verification of the information is needed.