Permanency Teams

Our child protection permanency teams are responsible for the following services:

Open Cases

  • Families who are assessed at a higher risk are involved in a formal child welfare case and receive direct services from our permanency team until safety concerns are resolved.
  • Families with an open case are invited to a Listening to the Needs of Kids (LINKS) meeting at our office initially upon a case being open and every 90 days to address and set a plan to resolve safety concerns.
  • The safety plan sets up services for the family, such as substance abuse and mental health treatment for parents and children, therapy, parenting and life-skills training, and public assistance.

Out-of-Home Care

  • We strive to serve children and families in their own homes, when safe and possible.
  • If there is an immediate safety concern in the home, a child may be temporarily removed for their protection and court involvement might be necessary.
  • We strive to place children with kin (relatives and friends) whenever possible, but may have to use foster homes, group homes and residential treatment facilities for temporary care.
  • Parents whose children are placed in out-of-home care are invited to visit them frequently during scheduled parenting time at our offices in Aurora or Littleton.
  • Our main goal is reunifying children safely with their parents after safety concerns have been resolved.