Judicial Services

The Judicial Services Division administers programs that provide alternative sentencing programs for the 18th Judicial District and Arapahoe County courts. These alternative sentencing options help to reduce the costs of correctional facilities and help offenders to reintegrate into society and build productive ties:
  • Community Corrections Board oversees private community corrections facilities and screens offenders for placement, either as a direct sentence or as a condition of re-entry after serving a prison sentence.
  • Community Service Program oversees offenders who are ordered by a court to perform community service hours as a condition of probation or in lieu of a jail sentence.
  • Pretrial Release Program makes recommendations on conditions of bond to the courts and supervises defendants who are released on bond prior to sentencing.

Planning and Research Efforts

The Judicial Services Division also supports planning and research efforts for criminal justice services in Arapahoe County.
  • Justice Coordinating Committee makes recommendations on issues that impact all elements of the criminal justice system.
  • Justice System Planning provides support for research, program implementation and evaluation and system coordination in the criminal justice system.