Private Activity Bonds

Housing and Community Development Services administers the Private Activity Bond program, which are tax-exempt bonds that can be issued for specific purposes. The county receives an annual allocation of Private Activity Bonds from the federal government. The Colorado Department of Local Affairs administers the program for the state.


Private Activity Bonds may be used for a variety of qualifying projects, including:

  • Exempt facility bonds - Hazardous waste facilities, solid waste disposal facilities, water and sewer facilities, mass commuting facilities, local district heating and cooling facilities, local electric energy or gas facilities, and multifamily housing bonds.
  • Manufacturing "small issue" industrial development bonds (not to exceed $10,000,000) - Bonds sold for construction of manufacturing facilities that cause a change in the condition of goods or products.
  • Mortgage Credit Certificates (MCC) - Local issuers may use a bond allocation as mortgage credit certificates for qualified homebuyers.
  • Qualified 501(c) (3) bonds - For use by non-profit hospitals and private universities.
  • Qualified redevelopment bonds - Bonds sold to acquire property in blighted areas; prepare land for redevelopment; and relocate occupants of structures on the acquired property.
  • Qualified residential rental projects - Bonds may be used to finance new construction or acquisition / rehabilitation of housing for low and moderate income persons.
  • Single-family mortgage revenue bonds (SFMRB) - Bonds sold by local and state agencies to help citizens purchase homes in Arapahoe County.
  • Student loans provide low interest loans to eligible students at institutions of higher education.

Applying for Private Activity Bonds

Housing and Community Development Services accepts applications for private activity bonds from the county’s allocation on an ongoing basis. Applications are reviewed by county staff and approved the Board of County Commissioners. Apply

Applicants may also apply to the Colorado Department of Local Affairs.