Media Contacts

Arapahoe County strives to provide residents, visitors and the news media with timely and accurate information about the County and its programs and services.

If you are member of the news media or a citizen seeking access to information or public documents that are not found on this website, please contact any of the following media contacts.

Media & Public Information Contacts

Board of County Commissioners and General County media contact
  • Chris Henning, Communications Manager
  • Phone: 303-795-4284
  • PIO Hotline: 303-795-5467
Sheriff's Office
  • Ginger Delgado, Public Information Officer
  • Phone: 720-874-4152 or 303-594-6753 (mobile)
  • Deputy John Bartmann, Public Information Officer
  • Phone: 720-874-3903 or 303-961-9806 (mobile)
Clerk and Recorder's Office
Coroner's Office  Assessor's Office 
18th Judicial District Attorney's Office
  • Eric Ross, Communications Director
  • Phone: 720-874-8544
Treasurer's Office 
Tri-County Health Department
Courts (18th Judicial District)