License Plates

Colorado License PlateThe Arapahoe County Motor Vehicle Division registers vehicles and issues license plates to county citizens at four Motor Vehicle office locations. See our Motor Vehicle Title and Registration page for requirements and fees.
Standard License Plates

Arapahoe County Motor Vehicle Offices keep an inventory of only the standard green and white Colorado license plates, as well as green and white plates for persons with disabilities. 

Specialty License Plates

If you would like to purchase a specialty license plate, such as a designer, alumni, military, special groups or personalized plate with custom letter/numbers, you may register a vehicle and apply for the plates at any County Motor Vehicle Branch. Your specialty license plates will be printed by the State and mailed to you within 10 days of your visit to our office. If there are fewer than 30 days remaining on your temporary registration when ordering, you will automatically be issued a new 30-day temporary permit, valid until the specialty plates arrive.

Additional fees and some restrictions apply for specialty plates. See a list of available license plate designs, fees and requirements in Colorado.

Exempt Military License Plates

Eligible veterans can apply for specialty military license plates and pay no taxes or fees on the first set at the time of issuance and renewal. Arapahoe County can now and renew exempt military license plates at any of our branch offices.

The military plates that are exempt from taxes and fees for veterans include: the Disabled Veteran, Handicap Disabled Veteran, Former Prisoner of War, Purple Heart, Medal of Honor and four Medal of Valor license plates. Documentation is required to apply. See the exempt military license plate designs and requirements.

Individuals with Disabilities

Specialty license plates and placards are issued to qualified persons with disabilities to park in reserved parking spaces. Please visit our Persons with Disability Placard or Plates web page for more information.

Contact Us

Call our Motor Vehicle Division at 303-795-4500 for more information on registering a vehicle in Arapahoe County and obtaining standard or specialty Colorado license plates.