Water Supply Study

Water Study view of crop with industrial irrigation sprinkler

What will the County’s water supply look like in the year 2050? A yearlong Water Supply Study is underway and will help the County plan for current and future water needs and inform land use decisions to effectively manage growth for future generations.

Water Study view of reservoir and parking lot for water study The Study will assess water supplies and the demands of future populations through the year 2050. It will also recommend ways the County can use water more efficiently in the years ahead. Conditions, such as climate and population growth will be considered against water demands and supplies.

In the coming months, the County will provide opportunities for residents and key stakeholders to provide input on water issues. Watch for public meetings and online surveys and share your thoughts.

Your input will help Arapahoe County identify ways to promote reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective water supplies.

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Key outcomes for this Study will include:

  • Assess current and projected water demands in the county in relation to water supplies and availability.
  • Identify potential water supply shortages.
  • Identify use efficiencies and reuse options to meet expected demands.
  • Recommend sustainable water use revisions to the County’s land development code.
  • Develop a more robust process for evaluating water services for new developments.
  • Define criteria for review and alignment of district water plans with county-wide goals.
  • Develop a guide for conservation measures for residents and developers.

Study Timeline

December 2022 to May 2024

Key milestones include a community member survey, two community meetings, and completion of draft and final study reports.

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Long Range Planning Program Manager Loretta Daniel

Planner/Project Specialist Larry Mugler