Secure Transport Program

Thank you for looking into the Secure Transport program. Please read this completely before applying. There are three documents linked to assist you with your application. There is a Secure Transport License Request Checklist CLICK HERE to assist you with all necessary requirements. Please ensure that all of these requirements are fulfilled when sending in your complete documentation.

The process includes two portions, a License Application for the company and a Permit Application for the vehicle(s). These documents must be submitted together as a packet to ensure prompt processing.

The Secure Transport License Application CLICK HERE concerns the company or corporation providing the Secure Transport. Please fill it out in its entirety and ensure that a notary signs where applicable.

One Secure Transport Permit Application CLICK HERE needs to be submitted for each vehicle that will be used in the Secure Transport service. There is an associated fee of $125 for each Permit Application and inspection that must be submitted with the Application.

Original Documents for both the License Application as well as Permit Application(s) need to be submitted to the Sheriff’s Office HQ, addressed to Anthony Zarrella. It can be mailed or dropped off in the lobby. Once this combined document has been submitted and cleared, you will be contacted and asked to bring each vehicle to the Sheriff’s Office for an in-person inspection. If a vehicle fails inspection, it must be re-inspected at a cost of $125 per failed inspection.

You may reach out to Anthony Zarrella ( for any questions regarding the Secure Transport process.

Arapahoe County citizens looking to make a complaint regarding a Secure Transport service may do so by using the following Complaint Form CLICK HERE. This form may be submitted via email to Anthony Zarrella (, mailed to the Sheriff’s Office Headquarters, or dropped off in the lobby attention Anthony Zarrella