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Environmental Health staff inspects childcare centers every 1–2 years or every six months, depending on the program. During health inspections, we ensure minimum health regulations are met and provide educational information. This helps to ensure children have a healthy environment to learn and grow in.

Arapahoe County Public Health does not license childcare facilities. However, a passing health inspection is required by the Office of Early Childhood Colorado Department of Human Services in order for a childcare to receive a license from Human Services or to remain in good standing. 

Childcare health regulations

School and Child Care Guidelines

Variance Requests

If meeting minimum health and sanitation requirements presents an undue hardship on the person, facility, or the community, then you may request a deviation from the health regulations. 

Disease Reporting and Information

Report a disease or see information about communicable diseases.

Online Regulation Training

You can find the following courses on this site under Course Catalog:

  • Regulation Training for Providers: Co. Train course ID: 1061220
  • Overview of 2016 Regulation revisions: Co. Train course ID: 1062355

Construction and Remodels

New Buildings and Remodeled Facilities

All new programs must submit the Child Care Plan Review Packet. The plan review packet for new construction or remodeling must be completed and submitted to this department for approval before any construction begins. Programs must pay all fees associated with the review and inspections.

Opening Inspections

Once construction is complete, email to schedule an opening inspection. The number of inspectors and their availability is limited. Plan ahead by providing plenty of time to get an opening inspection scheduled and completed. Opening inspections for newly constructed/remodeled buildings may be done remotely unless major issues or concerns are identified. Our Environmental Health team must give approval before Human Services will issue a license. 

Room Addition and Room Change Inspections

Contact if you plan on opening new room(s) for your existing program, changing from old rooms to new rooms, or adding an additional room. These inspections may be done remotely unless major issues or concerns are identified.

Required Radon Testing in Child Care Centers

Radon testing is required for all new and existing child care centers. All contractors conducting radon measurement and/or mitigation in Colorado must be licensed by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA). Verify that the certified contractor you have selected is licensed by DORA.

As uranium breaks down naturally in our soils, it releases a gas we call radon. This gas enters buildings through cracks in the foundation. Radon gas causes cancer and it is invisible, odorless, and tasteless. It can only be detected through testing.

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