Mill Levies and Tax Districts

Due to the numerous inquiries received by the Assessor's Office, we have compiled yearly abstracts detailing County mill levies and tax information. For your convenience, this information is posted on our website. Please note the Assessor does not set any tax levy.

Levied Taxes

County taxes are levied by the Board of County Commissioners. City and town taxes are levied by city and town officials. Special district taxes are levied by their boards of directors and school taxes are levied by school boards. After the levies are certified to the County Assessor, it is then the duty of the Assessor to extend the taxes on property and create the tax warrant roll.

Notice of Property Taxes

Colorado law requires the County Treasurer to mail a notice of property taxes to each owner of record even though a mortgage company may be responsible for payment. Taxes for the preceding year attach as a lien on Jan. 1 of the following year.

When to Pay Property Taxes

If the tax amount is less than $25, you must pay in total no later than April 30. If the tax amount is greater than $25, you may make two payments. The first payment is due no later than Feb. 28. The second payment is due no later than June 15.

If you pay your taxes in one total amount, the payment is due no later than April 30. If your payment is late, delinquent interest is added to the tax amount as mandated by state law. Failure to receive a tax notice does not relieve the owner's responsibility or liability for paying taxes on time.

 Abstracts of Assessment and Levies

Certification of Levies and Revenues

Mill Levies by Tax Area

Special Taxing Authorities