Arapahoe Maps/GIS

Assessor Tax Map by Quarter Section

The Assessor's parcel maps are produced by the Mapping Section of the Public Works and Development Department for the Assessor's Office.

The maps are produced to assist the Assessor in the assessment of all parcels in the County to determine values for property tax purposes. Since the maps are used for assessment and taxing purposes they represent a snapshot of all parcels in the County as of Dec. 31.

Although some maps in the older portions of the County still exist as hand drafted maps, all new maps are drafted using computer-aided drafting. The sections and ¼ sections are based on information obtained from the Arapahoe County Horizontal Control or the City of Aurora's Horizontal Control Map.

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Mapping/GIS Services in Public Works is responsible for creating, maintaining and providing maps to all County departments, residents, developers and neighboring jurisdictions. Visit Mapping/GIS Services for more information.