Wireless/Cellular Facilities

Proposed Facilities Near Unincorporated County Residences

As part of the Comprehensive Plan, Arapahoe County is working with internet and cable providers to enhance and expand service throughout the County, with an emphasis on service delivery to existing and future employment areas. The Comprehensive Plan also encourages building utilities such as wireless facilities in a manner that is safe and compatible with surrounding uses. 

When a new application or changes to an existing telecommunication facility is proposed near residential development, we will notify properties within 500 feet of the proposed facility. The application for a new or existing facility goes through a review and approval process by the Planning staff. The Planning Division’s decision may be appealed within 10 business days; we will post decisions on this webpage, along with a form to submit appeals. If an appeal is submitted, the Board of County Commissioners may choose to hold a public hearing on the proposal; the Board may choose to allow the Planning Division’s decision to remain in place without a public hearing. 

Active case under review in unincorporated Arapahoe County:

Lakeview Park (11700 E Orchard Road)

Case LE21-002 and CMRS21-001

Case LE21-002 Lakeview Park Location and Extent Plan proposed an amendment to the Lakeview Park plans to establish maximum height limits for any cellular facility in Lakeview Park. Case LE21-002 was heard and received a vote for approval at the March 15, 2022 Planning Commission meeting. As a result of this action, wireless facilities may be up to 65 feet tall within Lakeview Park.

The cellular facilities plan review known as Case CMRS21-001 Lakeview Park Cellular Facility Plan is ongoing. This is a detailed administrative review of the plan that illustrates the exact details of how the facility will be installed if this plan is approved. The applicant, Crown Castle, conducted a neighborhood outreach meeting on June 1, 2022. Currently, the applicant is proposing a 65-foot-tall structure resembling an evergreen tree with branches concealing the antennas. The proposed structure would replace an existing wireless facility concealed in a flagpole. Crown Castle has not submitted revised plans to the County. Review the most recent plans using Accela Customer Access. 

Arapahoe County has received many comments and questions about this proposal. Review this fact sheet as it discusses many of those comments. If you have comments or questions, you may email them to Bill Skinner, who is managing the case.