Arapahoe County: Where Good Things Grow

Plain and simple, Arapahoe County supports growth. Whether you're looking to grow a career, a small business, a big corporation or even a family, the County has your back.

Open Doors—Businesses & Careers Are Built Here 

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Why Arapahoe? 

A few facts that make the County attractive for business

  • We’re a hotspot for important industries like tech, healthcare, IT, and aerospace and aviation—all of which have added jobs and experienced growth since 2021.
  • Small businesses thrive here! In fact, 95% of Arapahoe County businesses have fewer than 50 employees. 
  • The Centennial Airport is both the second largest and second busiest general aviation airport in the United States, helping to propel the economy in the County and beyond. 
  • Arapahoe County hosts the Denver Tech Center, home to national and international corporations. 
  • Craig Hospital, a top-rated and nationally recognized hospital is located in Arapahoe County’s city of Englewood. 
  • Arapahoe County has a long and proud tradition in education. Littleton and Cherry Creek are considered elite school districts. The County also offers two community colleges: Arapahoe Community College and Community College of Aurora and vocational schools such as Pickens Tech. Institutions like these provide much-needed skilled workers. 
  • The County has 73 miles of new trails, 160 parks, and 31,000+ acres of open space