Third-party Roof Inspections

Submittal Requirements

For the purposes of third-party inspections being conducted within Unincorporated Arapahoe County and specifically pertaining to residential roof replacement operations; the following shall be required for administrative approval:

  • Third Party Inspections entity shall be pre-approved by the Building Official for the purposes of conducting residential roof inspections and as recognized in Section R109.2.
    • Third Party shall provide applicable credentials and proof of County-required general-liability insurance.
  • Third Party inspection(s) report(s) as permitted in Section R109.1.5 shall include:
    • Type(s) of inspection(s) performed.
    • Date(s) on which inspection(s) performed.
    • Applicable directives and/or correction-notices issued.
    • Other applicable observations within scope of work. (OSHA)
    • Authorized Third Party and/or Acting Agent having authority.
    • Final inspection shall state that the elements of the roof installation are determined to be in compliance with current County-adopted applicable code(s) and Chapter 9 of the 2015 International Residential Code.
  • Third Party reports shall be provided by Contractor of record, and uploaded through the ACCELA Customer Access (ACA) portal.
  • The Contractor of record shall notify the front office at for final document approval and permit closure requests.
  • All applicable documentation will be retained by the Arapahoe County Building Dept. for permanent record.
  • The Contractor of record will receive email confirmation of permit closure and/or additional information being required based on report(s) provided.