Affordable Housing

For more information on housing subsidy Section 8 Vouchers click here. Contact your local housing authority to learn when or how to get on the waitlist for affordable housing.  Please note, wait lists open every 2-3 years and can take another several years to actually get an approved voucher. Another option is to search for affordable housing through safe housing/rental sites and advertisements. Find  a local Housing Authorities.

Fair Housing

The Fair Housing Act protects people from inequity in nearly all housing rental and sales transactions. The federal Fair Housing Act of 1968 and the federal Fair Housing Act Amendments Act of 1988 prohibits discrimination in housing because of disability, familial status, national origin, race, color or religion. Learn more.

First Time Homebuyers

The Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA) provides the FirstStep Program, which offers great opportunities to achieve affordable homeownership through CHFA. The program The CHFA FirstStep program may be used by first-time homebuyers, non-first-time homebuyers purchasing in targeted areas, or qualified veterans; offers fixed interest rates and a 30-year term; and can be paired with an optional zero-percent second mortgage load for down payment, closing costs and/or prepaid assistance (higher interest rates apply).

Denver Metro Affordable Home Ownership Program

Denver Department of Housing Stability (HOST) offers the Ownership Program designed to provide affordable and safe housing opportunities to Denver residents. Applicants must be within the Area Median Income (AMI) limits and maintain a housing payment at or below 35% of the household income. Get more information about the program, income limits and the ratio requirements here.