Arapahoe County CARES

Arapahoe County Cares

Notice: Small Business Relief Fund Grant

Arapahoe County is administering a Small Business Relief Fund to support the most vulnerable small businesses throughout our communities. The deadline for applying is Sunday, Jan. 31, 2021. Visit for details and eligibility requirements.

CARES Program

The Arapahoe County CARES program has been created to help disperse the $114.5 million that Arapahoe County has received from the federal government under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

This funding will cover costs that are necessary to respond to the ongoing public health emergency related to COVID-19. The county will allocate $51.5 million to municipalities that were ineligible to receive direct funding under the CARES Act.

Response & Recovery Objectives 

  • Support the economic recovery of our residents and businesses across the county. 
  • Protect the health and well-being of county and municipal employees. 
  • Increase access to effective and efficient anti-body testing methods. 
  • Support the most vulnerable residents across the county. 
  • Educate regarding personal responsibility, situational awareness, and preventive actions including continued social distancing, avoidance of large gatherings, and supports for high risk populations to remain in safe environments. 
  • Establish data-driven decision-making model to assess public health, hospital surge and capacity, and economic success.  
  • Fund direct COVID-19 costs in a manner that minimizes county liability, recognizing multiple grant streams and funding opportunities.

County staff has been assigned to support implementation of programs and expenditures within certain key areas, with ongoing assessment by the Board of County Commissioners. The initial funding estimates and program/services could shift to other areas based on demand or response activities, so the county will remain flexible and continually refine the Arapahoe CARES program to maximize fiscal responsibility and investment. 

County officials will provide regular updates about progress and funding status, as well as about any challenges the program administrators are facing and solutions they’ve conceived and executed. These updates will continue through the December 30, 2020 expenditure deadline.

Look for more information in the next few weeks on the specific programs available to residents and businesses across the County.

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