Watkins/Bennett Area Vision Study

Virtual Open House coming soon

A virtual open house will be on this project page soon. This virtual open house will feature four proposed draft land use concepts and a survey to let us know what you think.

Dec. 9, 2020, meeting recording and survey

If you missed the first virtual public meeting held on Dec. 9, 2020, you can view the recording below. Download the visual slides here.

The first survey was held with the Dec. 9, 2020 virtual public meeting. Thank you for your feedback about the study and your ideas for the future of the study area. Responses to the survey are summarized in the Survey #1 Results report. We got some great feedback and your comments helped inform the draft land use concepts that will be presented at the upcoming Virtual Open House. 

The area south of I-70 from Watkins to Bennett needs a vision for the future, and guided growth is crucial to meeting the needs of future communities and residents. This long-range planning effort is supported by the County’s Comprehensive Plan, a document that envisions what we want our County to be like in the future and charts a course for how to get there. 

Your voice matters. We're requesting input, feedback and information from residents, landowners and business owners to help shape the discussion and develop a vision for future land use and zoning regulations that will shape our communities for years to come. 

Why is this study important?

The population of Arapahoe County is expected to exceed 800,000 by 2040, and the Watkins-Bennet area is in the direct path of potential eastward expansion of the Denver metro area. This area also includes three different jurisdictions, including unincorporated Arapahoe County, City of Aurora and Town of Bennett. All three of these jurisdictions have differing plans for future development. This effort will bring a cohesive and shared vision for the future of the area, driven by community input and jurisdictional planning efforts. 

What are the existing conditions?

It's important to understand the current conditions in the study area, including demographics, land use and zoning, infrastructure, public facilities and more. The Existing Conditions Report is used to gain insight on issues and opportunities that should be addressed in the vision study. 

What is the process?

  1. Alternatives
  2. Final Vision Plan

Your feedback is critical. The County wants to know and understand the concerns and desires of residents, landowners and businesses. What do you want to see as this area develops? What should be preserved? What amenities will future generations need to have an exceptional quality of life as they live and work in this area?

          Dec. 9, 2020, Public Meeting: if you missed the meeting, view it here

          Survey #1 : The results of the first survey can be viewed here.

Read more in the Existing Conditions Report about the current data including: population, employment, land use, zoning, transportation natural features and resources of the area.