Health and Safety

Oil and gas drilling, fracking and production has generated health and safety concerns from the community – in particular from those who live close to this kind of development. Arapahoe County is committed to ensuring the health and safety of residents.

Please refer to the Glossary of Terms for clarification.


Arapahoe County’s Office of Emergency Management, in coordination with local fire districts, respond to well sites in the event of an emergency. These groups have met and discussed solutions to ensure the safety of the community and first-responders.

Solutions: Require operators to submit a site-specific emergency response plan (ERP) that includes on-site chemical lists and geographic information system (GIS) files for pads and access roads. Require coordinated training with first responders.


To date, there have been NO recorded incidents of contaminated well water related to oil and gas development in Arapahoe County. However, the integrity of our water quality is a primary concern for the County. The County requires operators to provide a free water quality test for any wells within a half-mile radius of a proposed oil and gas well. The state also requires an operator to perform water quality testing (up to four samples) as outlined by COGCC’s Rule 609. Once production of the well begins (after drilling and fracking is completed) the state will collect samples one year later and again in five to six years.

Solutions: Carry over the County provision for well water testing to the new regulations and monitor operators’ compliance with Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission’s Rule 609. Require operators to submit water quality summary reports.