Assessment Resources

The Role of the Assessor's Office

The Assessor's Office discovers, lists, classifies and values all real and personal property in Arapahoe County. The Assessor's Office also is responsible for maintaining public records, including ownership and parcel maps. Each year Colorado Counties are required to submit to the Division of Property Taxation, the Property Tax Administrator, The State Board of Equalization and the County Board of Equalization (The County Board of Commissioners) an Abstract of Assessment.

Abstract of Assessment

The annual Abstract of Assessment contains assessed valuations and parcel counts for the various property classifications. We also certify values to taxing entities and produce the warrant roll. The assessor cannot and does not levy taxes. The levying of taxes is done by a constituted taxing authority within each taxing district.

Property Tax

Property tax revenue supports public schools, county governments, special districts, municipal governments and junior colleges. All the revenue generated by property tax stays within Arapahoe County. Property taxes do not fund any state services.

Real Property

Real property is valued every odd-numbered year. Property is classified according to its actual use as of Jan. 1 of the given year. The property’s classification defines the rate at which the property will be assessed. Property that is classified residential is currently assessed at 6.765%, and multifamily 6.765%, of the actual value for the property. Agricultural is 26.40% and all other Agricultural Business is 27.90%. Commercial Renewable Energy and Commercial Renewable Personal Property is 26.40% and all other commercial property is 27.90%.

Personal Property

Personal property is defined by the State of Colorado as: equipment, machinery, furniture, security devices, household furnishings and signs which are used for the production of income or in the operation of a business. All personal property is taxable in Colorado unless exempted by statute.

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