Dove Valley Regional Park

dove-valley-835x467In 2015, a Master Plan update was completed for the Dove Valley Regional Park. The Dove Valley Master Plan explores ways to integrate the programming desired for Potomac Park within Dove Valley Regional Park. Dove Valley Regional Park comprises 93 acres located at the intersection of East Broncos Parkway and South Potomac Street within unincorporated Arapahoe County. 

As of 2015, only 52 acres of the total property have been developed for recreation. Of the undeveloped park land, 13 acres were purchased with open space funds. 

Park design was completed and approved in 2021; construction of Phase 1 Park Improvements begins in the Fall 2022.

This major park improvement project will consist of converting currently irrigated turf grass into native vegetation, creating a new through street with parking, adding a new parking lot, playground and community lawn. On the undeveloped 40 acres to the east, the project will add a dog park, Wheel park, and in Phase II, a lighted championship field with artificial turf. 

History / Overview

The original park was constructed in 1990-91 with an approved L&E plan done in 1989, amended in 2013. The park has served as a regional destination for over 25 years and has been owned by Arapahoe County. Originally managed by the Recreation District, the park is now under the purview of the Open Spaces department. 

dove valley map