Roads and Bridges in Arapahoe County

Arapahoe County operates and maintains 1,162 lane miles of roads that are critical pieces of the overall network that helps to alleviate congestion, provide quality of life and ensure shorter response times in emergency situations across the county. With growing population, and the corresponding additional cars on the road, both alleviating congestion and road and bridge repairs are critical needs in the county.

What’s the problem?

We likely don’t have to tell you that roads in Arapahoe County have challenges. Here’s a look at the data.

Transportation graphic
Road Infographic
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What’s the solution?

Because county roads are part of an interconnected regional system, it is critical that the county coordinate with cities, the state and federal transportation plans to get the most for its investments. These planning efforts are typically multi-year and require matching dollars that have not yet been defined. The County will engage government partners this summer to begin planning how to help relieve congestion across the entire, interconnected road system.

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Arapahoe County Transportation Forum

The Arapahoe County Transportation Forum is meeting to discuss how best to address these transportation needs. Comprised of county and municipal leaders, the group is meeting regularly to establish priorities and how best to meet the needs of the county.

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