Drug Treatment

Narcan (Naloxone)

When a person enters our detention facility and is at risk of a heroin or opioid-related overdose, we may give them Naloxone. Colorado law allows anyone to obtain and administer Naloxone to help someone who is experiencing an overdose, even you! Read more about it.


Our Narcan programs

The ACSO Detention Facility offers several Narcan programs including:
  • Inmates identified as high-risk are provided one dose of intranasal Narcan upon their release (after receiving training from medical team.)
  • Deputies assigned to the Public Safety Bureau
  • Court services
  • Detention Services Bureau
  • Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) - This program allows patients to remain on their MAT-related medication upon entering our facility. With MAT, inmates avoid going through withdrawal while incarcerated at the Arapahoe County Detention Facility and have a lower risk of relapsing upon release from jail. The MAT program also decreases the risk of accidental overdose upon re-entry into the community. The MAT program was made possible due to a strong partnership with our community entities that provide this type of service.
  • Jail Based Behavioral Health Services (JBBHS) - This program emphasizes the importance of treating substance abuse disorder and mental health. The program also helps participants make a successful transition re-entering the community. Read more about JBBHS.