HSConnects Workflow Management

Technology that delivers better service to families receiving human services.

Our Commitment to Service First

Through HSConnects, Arapahoe County promises to continue to build a human services system that helps put our families and individuals on a path of ongoing success. Currently, HSConnects is an innovative software that proves to significantly enhance customer service. Since the program was introduced in 2015, families and individuals spend far less time waiting for their applications to process or worrying about inconsistencies in their paperwork. 

Efficiency and Accuracy

We understand our client's time is valuable. Less time spent in our building could mean more time spent with their families. HS Connects allows our clients to bring in their paperwork, i.e. birth certificate, proof of income, child support orders and have it scanned and processed just once into a system that then reads, assigns, prioritizes and shares with social workers.

Larger Vision

HSConnects continues to grow bigger and better as more regions share Arapahoe County's vision to bring better service to the entire family. We envision clients visiting any Colorado Human Services office and dropping off documents just once instead of once for each program. Social workers will then have the ability to look at a family's circumstance and see what programs and services they are eligible for. This is a promise to incorporate the 2Gen approach in all of our services to ensure children and their parents receive services together as well as adults and their caregivers. As more Colorado Counties come onboard our vision is that counties access important information about the family in order to holistically assess the needs of the caregiver/parent and the child to determine appropriate services. For example, HSConnects will locate the child, family or individual's history with Human Services, demographics related to the child, Child Support Orders, birth certificates and information of services received, etc. Arapahoe County is committed to enhancing your quality of life through exceptional delivery of services and efficient use of public funds.