Cherry Hills Village Featured Projects

Three Pond Park

Three Pond Park is a 9.5 acre open space and passive use park located along the High Line Canal Trail in Cherry Hills Village, providing tranquil scenery, equestrian jumps and a public art sculpture. In 2015, Arapahoe County Open Spaces provided $25,000 to support a water tap, irrigation system and tree planting. This investment supports a healthier tree canopy and reduces maintenance costs. This scenic park is located off of Colorado Blvd., about a quarter mile north of Quincy Ave in Cherry Hills Village. Bring the dog for a leisurely walk, enjoy yoga, ride your horse or gaze at the public art sculpture by Anthony Heinz May called "Beyin Withond."

CHV_HLCTrailResurface (10)

High Line Canal Resurfacing

Arapahoe County Open Spaces granted $27,000 to the City of Cherry Hills Village in 2016 to resurface a three-mile section of the canal trail between Hampden and Belleview. The newly resurfaced trail will provide a smooth, safe and accessible path for thousands of annual users including cyclists, walkers and joggers.

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Trail Treatments and Master Planning

In 2015, Arapahoe County Open Spaces contributed $50,000 to Cherry Hills Village for a citywide trail improvement project. With that, 6.2 miles were treated - extending the life of the trails by 20 years and improving safety and accessibility for users. Additionally, Open Spaces provided $50,000 toward a trail survey and master plan for the city's more than 34 miles of trails. The master plan will help the city provide and maintain high-quality bicycle and pedestrian facilities for citizens and visitors.