Aurora Featured Projects

Triple Creek Trail Connection & Trailhead

To date, Arapahoe County Open Spaces has invested $1.5 million through grants and other joint-project funding for this location. More than three miles of trail has been built to connect the High Line Canal, Sand Creek Trail and Triple Creek Trail. Trailhead construction will soon be underway providing some excellent amenities. In the meantime, you can jump on the trail at this location and gain access to more than 100 miles of trail network through the Denver metro area.

AUR_Sportspark (3) BEST

Aurora Sports Park

Arapahoe County Open Spaces awarded $278,000 in grant funding to bring lighting to four new sports fields at the park. Now, more than 400,000 annual park users can play into the evening hours. The park is located at 19300 E. Colfax Avenue and is near three regional trail systems, Sand Creek, High Line Canal and Triple Creek. Open Spaces awarded a second grant of $200,000 for wayfinding signage and cross walks to improve traffic flow and safe pedestrian access to the park.


Del Mar Park

Open Spaces supported a $250,000 grant to the City of Aurora for Del Mar Park in 2015 to upgrade the playground equipment and add shade shelters along with new walking paths, parking improvements, a sand volleyball court and landscaping.Del Mar Park is located at 12000 E. 6th Avenue in Aurora, just 100 yards away from the High Line Canal trail crossing at Peoria Street. Come out and play!

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Spring Hill Park

Open Spaces provided a $250,000 grant to Aurora for the large shelter at Spring Hill Park, the concrete plaza and walkways, an accessible plumbed restroom, drinking fountain, seating and landscaping. Spring Hill is at 810 N Telluride St., Aurora and is just a half mile from Buckley Air Force Base. The park neighbors the Colorado Freedom Memorial and is a great location to sit and relax, have a picnic or BBQ with friends and family or simply reflect on the memorial and give thanks to those who have served in our armed forces.