Regional Collaborations

Collaboration is the centerpiece of the Arapahoe County Open Spaces Program. Strategic alliances and partnerships between counties, municipalities and special recreation districts have resulted in the fruition of dozens of parks, trails and open space amenities that residents and visitors are enjoying today and well into the future.

Arapahoe County launched the Working Group model with the South Platte Working Group in 2006. Since then, three additional Working Groups – the Cherry Creek Basin Working Group (established in 2008), the High Line Canal Working Group (established in 2010) and the East Metro Working Group (established 2016) – are collaborating to improve parks, trails and open space.

The benefits of the Working Group model are simple.

By working together, the members that make up the South Platte, Cherry Creek Basin, High Line Canal and East Metro Working Groups are creating a vision for each area, strategically prioritizing projects, pooling resources and accomplishing goals for these important amenities in a deliberate, thoughtful and speedier manner than if each jurisdiction were to work alone.

The results? Just visit one of these corridors to see the progress that is being made to preserve and enhance these treasured areas.