Regional Collaborations

Many of Arapahoe County's beloved/popular regional trails and other recreational assets cross the boundaries between jurisdictions. Collaboration among counties, municipalities, and recreation districts is critical to providing high quality parks, trails, and open spaces for our residents to enjoy.

Arapahoe County launched the Working Group model with the South Platte Working Group in 2006. Since then, four additional Working Groups – the Cherry Creek Basin Working Group (2008), High Line Canal Working Group (2010), East Metro Working Group (2016), and Dove Valley Working Group (2022) were established to improve parks, trails and open space. After numerous successful projects, the Cherry Creek Basin and East Metro Working Groups are on hiatus.

Benefits of the Working Group model

These interagency Working Groups have created and continue to develop a vision for each area. By collaboratively setting goals, prioritizing projects, and pooling resources, partner agencies are able to work more efficiently and strategically than if each jurisdiction were to work alone.

The results? Just visit one of these corridors to see the progress that is being made to preserve and enhance these treasured areas.