Required Documents

To be issued a driver's license or ID card by a County office, you must provide proof of your full legal name, identity, date of birth, lawful presence in the United States, Social Security number and current residential address. These are requirements under the U.S. REAL ID Act of 2005.

Proof of Name, Birth Date, Identity and Lawful Presence

Acceptable documents include:
  • Colorado Driver’s License/Permit (unexpired)
  • Colorado ID Card (unexpired)
  • Out-of-State Driver’s License or ID Card with Enhancement Indicator (unexpired)
  • U.S. Passport (unexpired)
  • Combination of other documents may apply
*We cannot accept photocopies or documents that have been torn, taped, laminated or otherwise altered.

Not accepted at Arapahoe County offices: 

  • I-551 Permanent Resident Card (unexpired and verified by SAVE)
  • Certificate of Naturalization with photo (issued within last 20 years)
  • Certificate of Citizenship with photo
Instead, please visit a full-service State office with access to the Immigration and Customs database.

Proof of Colorado Residential Address

if you are a first-time applicant, out-of state transfer or if your license, permit, or ID card has been expired more than one year, two (2) forms of proof of current residential address are required. 

Acceptable documents include:
  • Computer-Generated Bill (Utility, credit card, doctor, hospital, etc.)
  • Bank statement
  • Pre-printed pay stub
  • First class mail (government agency or court)
  • Current homeowner's renter's or motor vehicle insurance policy
  • Mortgage, lease or rental contract
  • Transcript or report card from accredited school
  • Motor vehicle registration
  • USPS Change of Address Form (CNL107)
  • Tax Documents: W-2, SSA-1099, Non-SSA-1099
  • DD-214
  • Postmarked first-class mail (we do not accept junk mail, coupons, advertising, etc.)
Documents must:
  • Include your first and last name and full residential address in Colorado (no PO boxes)
  • Be dated within the last 12 months
  • Be spelled correctly
  • Address must match exactly on both documents
We can accept paper or electronic (PDF) documents as proof of residential address.

Proof of Social Security Number

You must present proof of Social Security number if you are new to the state, applying for the first time, or if your Colorado license or ID has been expired for one day or more and you have not previously established your social security number with the State of Colorado.

Acceptable documents include:
  • Social Security Number Card or Letter 
  • W-2 Form
  • SSA-1099 Form
  • Non-SSA 1099 Form
  • Pay stub with your name and social security number
*We cannot accept photocopies or documents that have been torn, taped, laminated or otherwise altered.

Contact Information

For more information, please call the Colorado Driver's License Division at 303-205-5613